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Digital Rocket aims to expand your reach through digital marketing, SEO, and targeted advertising. Contact us today for a Free Audit!

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What We Can Do For You

Unsurpassable SEO

Unsurpassable SEO

SEO is not complicated. There are people searching for businesses like yours online. Digital Rocket will position you to be found.

Quality Web Design

Quality Web Design

A website is the new front door to your business. We will design your website with unmatched & superior quality.

Technical Analytics/Tracking

Technical Analytics/Tracking

Sitting still is moving backwards online. Tracking progress, making changes, and updating is essential in keeping business.

Client Management

Client Management

Customer satisfaction is a must for online reputation. Digital Rocket will track and optimize your reputation.

Why Digital Rocket?

We have a proven track record. We believe in doing things the right way without taking shortcuts. This means all of our growth is organic and here to stay. At Digital Rocket we do not make promises we cannot keep, but aim to position all of our clients at the top and maximize every company’s chance for growth.

How It Works

Generate a Stunning Website with Unmatched Quality

Increasing website traffic is good. Increasing website traffic that converts into new visitors is best. Designing a highly optimized and visually appealing website is the first step.

Implement researched & highly effective targeted advertising

So you have a great looking website and no visitors. That is a problem… Research must be done to find out what people are searching for in your area and how to direct them to your business. Leave that to us.

Develop Organic Onsite & Offsite White Hat SEO

Search Engine Optimization. In English, this means where you are positioned when someone is searching for your business on Google. Our goal, position your website to be found first.

Track Progress, Maintain Website, and Monthly Technical Analysis

The website is complete and traffic is increasing due to effective advertising and SEO. That is just beginning. A website needs to be tweaked, edited, and tested on a regular basis and if you want to maintain your #1 position you are going to have to work for it. Not moving forward is moving backward in this industry.

Proof of Concept

Redemption City

In the month of December, this business had 80-90 weekly visitors. Their search terms were nowhere to be found on any major search engines.

In the same month, they started with our Company.

They now have the most optimized website in their area. All of their search terms are now ranking #1 & #2 positions on Google.

By the month of May, Redemption City started seeing around 130-140 weekly visitors.

More to come.

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Really Happy Clientele

Get my church ranked on Google

“We have worked with William at Digital Rocket for about the past six months … have to say our experience has exceeded expectations! We have seen a marked increase in traffic to our website as well as an increase in first-time visitors. William is easy to work with, easy to get hold of and will take the time to work with you and explain things. I have no hesitation in giving a FIVE-star review!”

Redemption City

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