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church websites


We are all built for community. This is why one of the first things people do when they move is a search for a good church online. Pew Research found that eight-in-ten adults say they attended a worship service after an online church search.

40 million Americans move each year. How do these people search for a new church when they move to your area? Most of them "Google it!"

Digital Rocket exists to help churches reach their communities for Christ by connecting churches to those that are searching. Our services include church search engine optimization, church website design & church digital marketing.

Growing churches understand the emergence of the digital front door. Our designers, developers, and digital marketing specialists take time to understand your church and your needs. We then create a personalized project plan that aligns with your budget and timeline.



William is the Founder & CEO of Digital Rocket, a company that helps churches across the country expand their reach. Having grown up in a pastor's home, William leads his team in using their collective unique gift set and passions to help churches both large and small.

What began as a small seed has quickly grown to a national client base of churches and nonprofits.

When William isn't working with pastors, he enjoys time with his bride, Becca. William coauthored his first book Millennials & Money with his sister Sara Meadows in 2017.



William Wright Digital Rocket


Does your church's website compel guests to attend? Do you know how many people are looking for a church in your city or geographical area? If you aren't sure, let's talk...

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