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Small Church Websites That Are Killing It

Small Church Websites That Are Killing It

Sometimes smaller churches feel like the little brother but they shouldn’t. The truth is that every church of every size starts small. Many pastors are killing it with some of the best small church websites that are helping them reach their communities.

According to recent research from Ed Stetzer and Christian Schwarz, “The stats tell us that ten smaller churches of 100 people will accomplish much more than one church of 1000.” In the global business world, massive companies like Boing, Amazon, and Pepsi get all the attention. But it’s small businesses that impact the world’s economy by creating the majority of jobs. The same is true for the church. Big churches get the attention, but it’s smaller churches that reach and shepherd the majority of the world.

The best small church websites are the ones that help people in their communities find their church in an inviting and winsome way. Pastors of small churches are becoming more aware of the stats shaping how guests find their churches today online. Small church pastors realize now that 85% of guests will visit both small churches and larger churches online before they ever attend a service.

best small church websites

Rural, suburban or urban? Everyone is online or talking to Alexa to find the nearest Chic-Fil-A, tire store, WalMart or the closest church. Churches are especially asking how they can better reach millennials. Can you imagine ANY effective strategy to reach and engage millennials that doesn’t include a digital element? If smaller churches do not go where millennial are  (Their Turf) then the church will not reach them as effectively.

Small Churches Know These Stats

best small church website stats

  1. The U.S. Census Bureau defines Millennials as people born between 1982 and 2000. They are 83.1 million strong and represent more than one-quarter of the nation’s population.
  2. Seventy-eight percent of Millennials would choose to spend money on a desirable experience over buying something that is desirable. They are all about creating, sharing, and capturing memories.
  3. 89% of millennials trust recommendations from friends and family more than claims by the brand.
  4. Nearly half (44%) of millennials are willing to promote products or services through social media in exchange for rewards.
  5. 90% of millennials can be found on Facebook.
  6. 43% of millennials in the US are nonwhite, the largest share of any generation (Pew Research Center).
  7. One-fourth of millennials in the US speak a language other than English at home (US Census Bureau).
  8. Millennials in the US wield about $1.3 trillion in annual buying power (Boston Consulting Group).
  9. 90% of millennials ages 18-29 are on social media.
  10. 40% of millennials relate to online influencers more than they do their friends.

Best Small Church Websites Tips

  1. Keep It Affordable- best small church websites, cool church websites, church website design trends for 2018The best small church websites know that church websites don’t have to cost an arm and a leg. Templates exist today that allow small churches to have great looking websites. With every passing year, website costs become more affordable. The best cost-effective strategies for the best small church websites can be found here.
  2. Keep It Simple- Large churches look like they are moving in reverse because their website are becoming more and more simple (intentionally). Never overlook or underestimate the power of simplicity. There is no reason to clutter or over complicate your church website. Remember that the most popular website in the world is probably the most simple as well.Google Website, church website design for 2018, best small church websites
  3. Keep It Current- The best small church websites update their websites every 2.5 years and the create a brand new website at least every 5 years. Nothing changes as fast as tech trends. The trends of guiding church websites have done a complete one-eighty in the past 36 months.
  4. Keep It Optimized-best small church websites The best small church websites are fully optimized. Long gone are the days of church leaders feeling good about their websites because it “Looks Great.” If a church website looks good but no one can find it then it isn’t awesome. Owners of the best small church websites know where they are ranked on Google and then have a plan to stay on top of Google rankings or to climb to the top. Large churches across the country are hiring SEO Specialist because of the impact of Google rankings on church growth. With 40 million US citizens moving annually the need for churches to be found easily will continue to grow. Small churches are often working with SEO specialist like Digital Rocket in order to save money and help get their small church website ranked on Google.
  5. Keep It Winsome- best small church websitesSmall churches across the nation are more intentional with their church websites. Yes, all the information for their members are still on their church websites but the first impression is focused on first-time guests. Churches are using simple headline tags to welcome website guests to visit their church. Churches are using video backgrounds to tell their story as an introduction to first-time guests. Churches are making times and locations central and easy to find. Churches are making it easy for first-time guests to find and listen to their pastor’s sermons. Read this article so you can see the research on what the best church websites in the country are doing.

Keys To The Best Small Church Websites

best small church websites

Knowing the research and ideas that shape great small church websites are critically important. The fastest growing churches in the country are intentional about their growth, they aren’t just getting lucky.

I love small churches and I love working with strategic thinking small church pastors. The strategies and ideas to reach your community will look different from the larger churches that I consult. I’d love to hear your passion, your strategy, your story and even your current hurdles. I’d love to meet and work with you to impact your community with the gospel!

Contact Digital Rocket today for your Church SEOChurch Website or Church Digital Marketing needs.

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